Strategic Staffing


Professional Employment Services

The professional employment services of SkyBridge do more than just fill vacancies.

Our company believes that every applicant’s character is just as important as their skills and education level. That’s why our professional staffing services have been geared toward placing people who will fit perfectly into your organization and have the intention of remaining with your company for the long-term.

Our professional recruiting services take a personalized approach to increasing your staff, and we do this by getting to know your company intimately. We discover what is missing within your permanent staff, and we seek the right people who can provide what your company lacks. For example, we can address the staffing needs for companies that specialize in several different industries, such as medical, insurance, engineering and legal. If you would like to have extra help for a short-term project, we can recruit the best people for this purpose as well.

Our Services include:

Permanent Placements

After we learn what your company is looking for, our professional staffing services put together an interview that can bring the most appropriate candidates out into the forefront. We complete the initial interviews and offer you a manageable list of the best people for the position. We take care of most of the hiring process, and this includes performing background checks and discussing possible salaries.

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Contract Services

In some cases, a company may only wish to hire someone for a specific project. For this purpose, our professional recruiting services also include contract services. Our company performs all the hiring tasks and continues the relationship by covering the payroll duties as well as offering these new recruits health and retirement benefits.

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Temporary Staffing

In the event that your company would like to replace clerical or other administrative staff for a short time, our temporary staffing services can fulfill these task. It doesn’t matter how long you wish to retain a new temporary employee. We will recruit the right person to fill your vacant position for one or two days or one or two years. Read more.

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Companies benefit from the temporary-to-hire option because they don’t have to commit to hire any one person until they have seen how well a particular consultant fits in with their organizations. When you decide that these recruits are people that you would like to have full-time, you can bring them into your organization permanently so that they can continue to bring positive effects to your company. Whatever you choose, our company will remain by your side throughout the entire process.

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