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SkyBridge Resources Director of Operations, Featured in The Tampa Tribune’s Job Talk Section

Mike Fuller, Director of Operations at SkyBridge Resources recently gave this advice to college graduates on gaining experience, in The Tampa Tribune’s Job Talk section.

Question: How can college graduates gain experience for their dream job?

Answer: College graduates can gain valuable experience in many ways, here are three that come to mind that can be very beneficial.

Internships and co-ops: The most popular ways to gain experience for students or recent college graduates are internships and co-ops. This can not only provide experience but can also create invaluable relationships.

Networking/user groups: These types of events have significant short-term benefits but could also lead to knowledge and relationships, which can be utilized. The key is to not be a fly on the wall: get involved, ask questions and meet people. Your goal should be to leave an event with more useful information than when you walked in the door.

Internet information: Lastly, there is an abundance of knowledge that can be gained on the Internet. Tutorials and online classes can give you valuable experience and make you more marketable.

-Mike Fuller, Director of Business Operations, SkyBridge Resources




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