Telecom Recruiters


Telecommunication is a growing professional field that requires employees to be reliable and skilled at their work.

The nature of telecommunication means that people work without constant supervision from a manager. Cutting-edge companies need the best talent available to stay competitive in a business world that is changing every day.

We keep a pool of experienced, screened employees available to meet the needs of our clients. SkyBridge Resources telecom headhunters are dedicated to providing you with the professionals you need to make your company excel. A wide range of telecommunications professionals can be found through SkyBridge Resources.

Multiple service operators and wireless providers can find skilled customer service and technical support professionals for telecommunication positions. Our employees are screened and boast a background in customer service that allows them to professionally handle problem calls on a regular basis. Sales skills give our employees the edge that you need when upselling at the end of a call is a must.

Integrated carrier billing is becoming a more common business practice for telecommunications companies. Our professionals have the education and experience necessary to help your company stay competitive as technology changes.

Original equipment manufacturers and value added resellers can receive comprehensive telecommunications services from our pool of professionals. Tasks including server integration, setup of messaging applications and billing can all be completed by the qualified professionals that we offer to our clients.

SkyBridge Resources takes the work out of hiring by screening candidates before they come to work for you. You can waste time and energy on hiring a person who does not work out for the position because of inflated qualifications on a resume or a misrepresentation related to work ethic, or you can let us place a professional who will work hard and get the job done from the start. We take pride in being a leading telecommunications recruitment agency, by working to save you money and time while ensuring the professionals in your organization are at the top of their fields. 

Contact us to learn more about how our telecommunications recruiters can help your company grow.