An Industry Fit

Recruiting for Public Sector

At SkyBridge Resources, our Tactical and Government Solutions branch employs a team of professionals with public sector staffing experience and expertise. Our consultants understand aspects of staffing that are unique to public sector employers.

SkyBridge Resources maintains a mission to provide public sector employers with information technology, engineering and life science professionals who are specifically knowledgeable in their respective fields when it comes to governmental work. Our staffing solutions aim to support the defense, homeland security and intelligence communities.

What can you expect from us when choosing SkyBridge Resources for public sector staffing services? We are committed to providing our clients with reliable, skilled employees. Not only are we dedicated to finding the best talent for our clients, but we make it a priority to attract the best employees out there. Our employees are topnotch, experienced and trustworthy.

Public sector recruiting is the focus of our Tactical and Government Solutions branch. Allowing our team to focus on that specialty means that we have had the opportunity to build a niche and excel at public sector staffing services. Not only do we meet expectations when it comes to finding qualified candidates for staffing, but we go above and beyond to ensure that these qualified candidates meet the unique requests of each of our clients.

Our clients can always expect excellent service from SkyBridge Resources. We can provide public sector employers with contract, contract-to-hire and permanent employees who have been thoroughly screened before their placements. Employees available from SkyBridge Resources have experience in the military, defense, government and aerospace industries.

Public sector employers have more important things on their minds than hiring a new employee or finding a staffing solution for a short-term project, but that does not mean that they have to settle for low-quality workers. We do all the hiring work to ensure that our public sector clients gain the benefits of having high-quality employees on staff without requiring the employer to dedicate a lot of time to the search. We listen to our clients and we make note of their specifications so that we can successfully meet them.

SkyBridge Tactical and Government Solutions work tirelessly to find the best employees available for our clients. Whether a client is looking for staffing solutions that are related to a single project or looking for a solution to a long-term position, we are able to help clients achieve success locally and around the globe.