We carefully screen every employee to ensure their academic and professional backgrounds mesh with the needs of our clients

Healthcare is considered to be one of the fastest growing fields in the United States. This fast growth means that employers are left with vacancies that cannot be filled quickly enough to provide essential services to patients. Recruiting that is done by healthcare professionals takes time away from other tasks that need to be completed to keep patients satisfied with their level of care.

SkyBridge maintains a pool of healthcare professionals who are trained and experienced in their respective fields. Employees who are available through SkyBridge have been chosen for their academic and professional excellence in the field of healthcare.

A wide range of professionals in the field of healthcare are available through SkyBridge. Customer service professionals are trained to listen to patient concerns related to billing and level of care. Public health employees are skilled at researching outbreaks and community health concerns in order to work with the community to keep the public healthy.

Professionals with experience in payer/provider services can work as a liaison between healthcare providers and insurance companies. The complexity of the Affordable Healthcare Act has made these knowledgeable professionals more essential to the long-term success of a healthcare organization than ever.

Healthcare professionals with a background in technology or clinical research biochemistry are ready to work in research and development positions. Contract employees are available to help with short-term projects that need to be completed by a set deadline.

We carefully screen every employee to ensure that their academic and professional backgrounds mesh with the needs of our clients. Skill tests and thorough background checks are completed well before an employee is placed to ensure that an employee will work hard to meet the needs of our clients. Recruiting through SkyBridge offers your healthcare organization the benefit of having a valuable employee available to your healthcare organization when you need one.

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