An Industry Fit

SkyBridge Tactical

The Government Services branch of our firm, SkyBridge Tactical, is focused on offering high-quality Department of Defense recruitment.

We are a recruiting firm that prides itself on seeking out qualified, experienced candidates who have demonstrated their ability to perform key occupational tasks related to available Department of Defense jobs. Our focus is to take care of the entire recruiting process for clients who have military contractor jobs available in order to save our clients time and money. Department of Defense careers provide lucrative opportunities for our workforce, but the sensitive security issues and detail-oriented nature of military contractor jobs mean that recruiting is a lengthy, tedious process for the average employer.

We find the perfect balance between serving our candidates and the companies for which we recruit. Department of Defense recruitment involves stringent screening in order to ensure that every candidate meets the security requirements of defense contractors. SkyBridge Tactical takes the time and effort to complete security screenings to make sure that candidates are ready to work in defense jobs whenever defense contractors need the right person.

SkyBridge Tactical knows what it takes to find the best candidates for Department of Defense jobs. Our firm offers a competitive compensation package that includes the necessary benefits to attract top talent. Our screening process allows us to target individuals who are qualified for DOD contractor jobs. Experienced, top-notch candidates are ready to perform in defense positions from the first day.

Guiding candidates toward Department of Defense careers when they have the academic and professional background to meet qualifications means that we have the opportunity to satisfy both our candidates and our clients. Candidates are happy with the opportunity to show that they have what it takes to be successful in DOD contractor jobs. Clients are happy to have hardworking, dedicated employees on staff who are willing to learn on the job and jump into new tasks right away.

Candidates with a wide range of specialties are available through SkyBridge Tactical. Our candidates can fill open positions including:

  •          Logistics support
  •          Linguistics and translation
  •          Information technology
  •          Security
  •          Satellite communications
  •          Supply chain management

This is just a small sampling of the defense jobs that our candidates have completed in the past. Our candidates are ready for all types of DOD contractor jobs to serve the needs of our clients.

Contact SkyBridge Tactical today to speak directly with one of our specialized Department of Defense Recruiters or to learn more about our DOD jobs and how we can help you!