Financial Services

Find the Right Fit for Your Company

The long-term financial success of individuals and businesses depends on the skilled professionals who work for financial services firms across the country. SkyBridge offers a pool of top-notch financial professionals who are qualified for positions in banking, insurance, wealth management, capital markets and customer service.

Every professional in our pool of employees has been screened before placement. Background checks and tests of professional skills are administered to ensure that our employees are trained and ready for the positions that our clients are offering. Our clients can be assured that our employees will arrive with experience and a strong work ethic.

Candidates are given the ability to select from a range of available positions with leading companies in the financial services industry. Our competitive compensation package includes optional benefits that are designed to attract leading professionals to SkyBridge. We aim to maintain a pool of experienced, highly-motivated individuals to provide our clients with the employees that they need to succeed.

SkyBridge has solutions for all of our clients' staffing needs. This includes contract, contract-to-hire and permanent placement opportunities. We understand that your financial services firm needs to continue running smoothly when new employees start working for you, and our employees have the academic background and professional experience necessary to prepare them to be a valuable asset to your company from the first day.

In-house recruiting costs have risen substantially in recent history. Recruiting without the help of a staffing firm takes time away from the daily operations of your financial services company. Managers who are tasked with hiring new employees may not have the training necessary to determine whether an employee will truly be a valuable asset to the company. Let SkyBridge handle the recruiting process and save time and money on hiring the best talent.

SkyBridge provides clients with talented professionals who are ready to work hard to meet the goals of the organization. Contact us today about your staffing needs to let us start helping you succeed in the financial services industry.