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Oil and Gas Staffing Solutions

The energy industry is a field with unique concerns regarding oil and gas staffing solutions. Wading through the process of hiring the right person for the job is a time-consuming task that can take energy company managers away from daily tasks where they're needed most. Staying up to speed with the rapidly changing requirements for safety and technology can put an in-house oil and gas recruiting team at a disadvantage.

At Skybridge Resources, our oil and gas headhunters can find the right people to fill open positions using our years of experience and up-to-date knowledge of industry regulations. As one of the leading oil and gas recruitment agencies, we carefully research, screen and interview potential candidates for open positions to find the perfect match for our clients.

There is a shortage of qualified workers to fit the demands of upstream oil and gas careers. Those with education and experience are a sought-after group among oil and gas recruiting firms. As oil and gas headhunters, it takes deep roots and resources to find qualified and available applicants for openings. We have a strong pool of candidates with the knowledge, skills and experience to fill a variety of positions within this growing area of the energy industry. It's part of what makes us one of the leading oil and gas recruitment agencies in the country.

The oil and gas industry is highly regulated. Training and education are important parts of a candidate's eligibility. It takes time and effort for oil and gas industry recruiters to screen potential employees to ensure that they are properly certified to meet government requirements. At Skybridge Resources, we have a rigorous background and interview process for vetting prospects. It's a key reason that we are one of the top oil and gas recruiting firms.

Many of the positions available for upstream oil and gas careers require employees willing to travel. Environmentally friendly values and the ability to use cutting-edge technology are also important qualities in potential candidates. Our oil and gas industry recruiters look for these valuable qualities while screening engineers, equipment operators, scientists and other key personnel for our clients.

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