An Industry Fit

Recruiting Customer Service Employees

SkyBridge is a premier provider of temporary, contract and full-time staffing services to a wide array of companies in various sectors, including Customer Service Recruiting and Contact Center Services.

For the last several years, we have partnered with leading human resource experts to figure out the most efficient and effective way to satisfy clients’ needs, doing so by keeping costs down and injecting operational creativity at all stages of the recruitment process.

We provide highly competent personnel in areas as diverse as customer service, sales and collections. Our expertise also expands to training and management services, specifically for inbound, outbound and blended centers.

Our proprietary training modules teach contact center professionals the tools, procedures and techniques needed to handle multiple campaigns – paying specific attention to key technical processes and systems, such as Interactive Voice Response, Auto Attendant Greeting, Automatic Call Distribution, and Dialed Number Identification System.

Over the years, SkyBridge’s unique approach to staffing has helped clients implement cost-effective recruitment programs that increase the quality and job fit of new hires, lower attrition rates and reduces per-hire cost.

Customized Recruiting Program

SkyBridge uses a proprietary model to recruit customer service reps and customize recruiting programs for each partner, taking into account the partner’s needs as well as salient industry factors that affect everything from labor demand and candidates’ skill sets to pay rates, training and communication.

We work collaboratively with partners at each stage of the recruitment process, whether it is sourcing, screening and selection.

At the beginning of the engagement, our team of multidisciplinary experts develops a success profile that encapsulates key performance indicators (KPI) by which the engagement will be evaluated. Our KPIs are varied and include quantitative, qualitative, leading, input, process and output indicators, to name a few.

We also ensure that our KPIs are in sync with the partner’s operation or campaign, internal process, personnel knowledge and industry positioning. Questions of strategic sourcing, screening, recruiting customer service employees, and job assessment are integral to our integrated recruiting program, to effectively pinpoint core competencies a rep needs to succeed and to figure out ways to enhance those competencies over time.

Targeted Sourcing Strategy

In the modern-day economy, finding the right talent is an ongoing operational struggle for most businesses. SkyBridge helps each partner implement an effective recruitment policy, using proven tools and methodologies to reduce attrition and enhance personnel's performance and technical knowledge. We go beyond the traditional sourcing tactics to expand the pool of potential recruits, reaching out to passive job seekers when needed.

Assessment Tools

SkyBridge uses a proprietary assessment system to monitor performance during an engagement, to ensure consistency between planned and actual data, and to continually gauge contact center results. This customized plan selects the most appropriate tools from three different assessment categories: Hard Skill Assessments, Soft Skill Assessments and Contact Center Simulation Tools. Using partner’s agent population, our specialists can build baseline score criteria to establish proper performance thresholds.


As an Equal Opportunity Employer, SkyBridge is committed to workplace diversity. We use expertise gained in the industry and from our own occupational experiences to help partners develop a comprehensive human resource program aimed at respecting individual and cultural differences.