An Industry Fit

Clinical Research Staffing Services

SkyBridge Resources provides biochemistry staffing services for companies looking to have life science and clinical research professionals.

Specifically, our organization can fill your company’s highly technical positions in the bioscience, laboratory and clinical study arenas. What makes us different from other biochemistry staffing companies is the fact that SkyBridge Resources’ main objective is to reduce our clients’ operating costs and to help them run their businesses in a more efficient manner.

SkyBridge Resources uses a strategy that combines thoroughness with attention to detail as we seek the most qualified candidates who will be dedicated to your projects. This helps you keep your mind on running your business. At SkyBridge Resources, we understand that it’s important to retain professional staff, and we cultivate our employees so that they remain with you as long as you wish. Our belief is that employees who are truly happy with their new positions will cause you to be extremely happy with our recruiting efforts. All this is what makes SkyBridge Resources unique.

Working with SkyBridge Resources means that you can expect the following:


Our Commitment to Excellence

Our biochemistry staffing services are characterized by our commitment to excellence. We promise to recruit for every one of our clients only candidates who are the most highly trained, have the strongest work ethic and are of the highest character. Our strength lies within our recruiting efforts, and it is our most important task. In fact, our manner of recruiting leads the way for the entire industry, but we never rest on our laurels. We constantly strive to create a balance between our own goals and our consultants’ goals. If we are living our mission accurately, you will know exactly what you will receive from us at all times.

A Recruiting Strategy that Is Targeted

To be successful at what we do, we must know what you expect from us. This means that our account management team will work to thoroughly understand your company and the qualities and skills that the people you wish to hire must have. At the same time that we are learning what you would like to have we are also cultivating passive job seekers while we act as career counselors for them.

The Promise of Diversity

Diversity is a highly coveted feature in today’s market, and SkyBridge Resources is intent on increasing your company’s inclusiveness. Our company understands the goals of companies that wish to promote diversity, and we offer you a team of suppliers that fits this description. Our company nurtures an atmosphere where the contributions of all types of people are valued, and we will help to make this a feature of your company as well.

We recruit for various positions in the biochemistry arena, including the following: Chemists and biochemists, biologists and microbiologists, medical technologists and medical laboratory technologists, phlebotomists, histologists, toxicologists, general laboratory technicians, quality control associates and quality assurance associates.

We also recruit the following clinical positions: clinical research associates, or CRAs, clinical research coordinators, or CRCs, clinical project managers, drug safety associates, regulatory affairs associates, medical writers, case report Form designers, clinical data managers, clinical data programmers, clinical database designers, clinical data coders, statistical programmers, statisticians and biostatisticians, and Epidemiologists.