An Industry Fit



SkyBridge serves top industries that require employees who are the best in their fields. We make it our mission to attract skilled professionals with experience and academic credentials.

Our promise to our clients is to provide a high-quality workforce that can meet requests ranging from one-time projects to long-term employment requirements. The benefits of choosing for SkyBridge include:

High-quality, screened workers who are reliable and experienced. We take the time to screen every candidate who comes to us to look for work. References are checked to make sure that the employee is truthful about background, experience and skill.

The quality of the employees that we place is guaranteed because we attract only the best with our competitive pay scales and comprehensive benefits packages. SkyBridge understands that finding top talent requires providing employees with incentives.

Comprehensive employment services for our clients. SkyBridge does all the work when it comes to recruiting, hiring and paying employees. We know that our clients have important work to do in the office and that taking the time to find top-notch employees is not always possible. When clients choose us for recruitment and placement services, everything from finding candidates to withholding taxes from an employee's paycheck is handled by us.

Explore the industries that SkyBridge serves to find out how we can help you:


Information Technology

Financial Services

  IT Services Banking
  Web/Mobile Services Insurance
  Infrastructure Wealth Management
  Hardware/Software Engineers Capital Markets
  E-Commerce Customer Service



  Technology Multiple Service Operators
  Public Health • Wireless
  Clinical Research • Integrated Carriers
  Biochemistry • Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • Payers/Providers • Value Added Resellers
  Customer Service  



  Public Sector Oil & Gas
  • Security (SIGINT/HUMINT) • Utilities
  • Service Integrators • Alternative Energy
  Department of Defense • Water/Waste Management
  • Department of State • Construction