Employee FAQ

Below are our most frequently asked questions. We are constantly looking to improve our website and services, therefore if there is a question you'd like us to include, please feel free to email us.

Does SkyBridge offer benefits?

Yes. SkyBridge does offer full health benefits as well as other options such as paid holday and vacation time.

Do staffing firms charge employees a fee for temporary assignments?

No. We do not charge employees a fee for placement of any kind.

What makes SkyBridge better than other staffing organizations?

The quality of people that we work with in the industry. From internal recruiters to clients and consultants, we work with the best of the best. We use the best recruiters in the industry to search out and identify the strongest level of talent, we then fit them with a client that will offer the greatest opportunity.

How can I get a time card sheet?

If you need a time card sheet please click here for a PDF version to download and print.