Below are our most frequently asked questions. We are constantly looking to improve our website and services, therefore if there is a question you'd like us to include, please feel free to email us.

What separates you from other staffing companies?

Where other companies have become dependent on sifting through job boards or waiting for the right candidate to respond to a job posting, SkyBridge aggressively recruits on every single opening. SkyBridge strives to bring the maximum amount of value to our clients. By partnering with our clients and investing time up front to thoroughly understand the clients environment and needs, SkyBridge is able to screen candidates more efficiently and produce a better quality candidate in the early stages of the interview process. This ultimately saves our clients time and money.

How does SkyBridge find it’s candidates?

SkyBridge utilizes proactive recruiting as a standard practice of operation. Through the utilization of our recruiting philosophy; proactive recruiting, SEO, marketing campaigns, usergroup sponsorship, etc. SkyBridge is able to consistently identify a larger pool of qualified candidates. We don't see a significant added value from relying on job boards or hoping the right resource calls us off of a job posting.

What types of positions does SkyBridge recruit for?

Although our primary skill-sets that we recruit for are technical, SkyBridge is able to recruit for any position in any industry. We recruit using a learnable and repeatable process of recruiting that can be utilized no matter what position we are searching for.

How quickly are you able to identify resources for me?

Obviously this can vary from position to position but we can typically have a candidate identified and completely screened within 36-48 hours.