How to write a Thank You letter

                Michael Cox, Senior Account Manager at SkyBridge Resources emphasizes that after you’ve completed your interview with a potential future employer, it is always important to follow up with a Thank You letter to express your appreciation of their time and consideration. Before taking the time to write your Thank You letter, did you work through HR or a staffing agency? If you worked through a staffing agency, send the Thank You letter directly to your contact, and allow them to forward the letter to the appropriate parties.

 Most potential employees will prefer email vs. hand-written, for their Thank You letters because of timing. If you have excellent penmanship, a hand-written letter can showcase an old fashion style of communication that requires more time and shows greater appreciation.  If working through an agency, get their permission first before mailing.   

Whether it be a letter by email or hand-written, you should make sure it is sent out within 24-hours of your initial interview. By doing this you reiterate your strong desire for the position.

If you are sending your letter by email, the subject line should include the title of the position you interviewed for and “thank you” or vice versa. Include everyone involved in the interview process, as recipients to the email. If you do not have the emails of everyone involved, make sure to recognize them in the body of your email.

Reiterate your qualifications and make sure to highlight how your talents would make you a great fit for the position. Be specific in your email and retouch on a particular part you enjoyed during the interview.  Make sure in your letter you keep a professional tone and double check for any grammatical errors.

To conclude your letter, make the Manager aware you are available to answer any additional questions or provide further information that may help in the decision process. Express you interest again. A singular Thank You letter is enough. If you do not hear back from the company within the next week, feel free to follow up on your status.   

Writing a Thank You letter can emphasize your appreciation for the employer and showcase your strong desire for the position you interviewed for. By taking the time to write Thank You letter after your interview you can increase your success in getting your next job.